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PsEco's Mission

1.Digital Consulting Partner

Through data management (accumulation of analytical data & field data), we aim to work closely with farmers to solve their specific problems and maximize their profits.

2.Realistic farm management guidance (scientific approach) able to be accessed anywhere, anytime by mobile phone

Based on visualization of problems using soil/plant sap/water analysis data and field data from our laboratory, we propose fertilizer management solutions tailored to each field.

The amount of fertilizers and agrochemicals used is minimized, enabling economical, high quality, high yield and ecological and sustainable farmland.

3.Proposal of elements necessary for the construction of a microbial diverse ecosystem woven by microorganisms which is not attainable by organic inputs alone

As with fertilizers, there are synergistic and antagonistic effects (cooperation and competition) among microorganisms, and fertilizer management is greatly related to the work of microorganisms.

4.Provision of fertilizers and agricultural materials necessary for each site, as well as product development

We are also actively pioneering products and product development by making full use of our worldwide network.

5.Information sharing from producer to consumer (value sharing)

Cultivation information will be converted into data, aiming to share the value (evaluation) of agricultural products to consumers.


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