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About the Seed & Farm Solution Department

We believe that agricultural producers’ profits must be in line with the needs of consumers — which means we are always considering what customers will demand of their produce in the future and proactively innovating in order to create additional value. To achieve this, we are continuously selecting attractive varieties of crop for breeding as well as developing and disseminating cultivation techniques that are innovative and fresh, while also creating appealing brand propositions around our consumer facing products.

Beginning with our sweet corn “Mirai” and “Picnic Corn” (said to have a fresh sweetness on par with fruit), we have been using our unique insights to introduce a new food culture to the Japanese dinner table with our “Sicilian Rouge” tomato as well as asparagus.

Innovative breakthroughs which increase value for consumers are the building blocks of the future.

Our Products

In addition to the conventional development and marketing of varieties for the domestic market, we are developing varieties for overseas markets. Starting with Southeast Asia, the company has begun testing cultivation of sweet corn, asparagus, and tomatoes.

1. Sweetcorn

Based on the Mirai series, which has been well-received for its high sugar content, refreshing sweetness, and skinless texture, we are developing sweetcorn varieties for subtropical regions such as Southeast Asia.

2. Asparagus

Based on our experiences in the various climates, soil types, and cultivation methods in Japan, spanning from northern Hokkaido to southern Kyushu, we are developing asparagus varieties and cultivation techniques for overseas markets.

3. Mauro's Mediterranean Tomatoes

Mauro's Mediterranean Tomatoes created a new market for tomatoes in Japan with a focus on flavor. Based on "tomatoes for cooking" and "colorful mini-tomatoes". We are developing new varieties that will create new markets overseas.

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