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Seed & Fertilizer Sales,
Ecological Farming Support

Seed & Fertilizer Sales,
Ecological Farming Support

Seed & Farm

Seed & Farm

About the Seed & Farm Solution Division

On January 1, 2024, along with a change in company name, the Horticultural Seeds Department and PsEco Data-Analysis Platform merged to form the Seed & Farm Solution Division.

The Horticultural Seeds Department opens new markets to both producers and consumers through the development of vegetable varieties such as the sweetcorn "Mirai," known for it’s fruity taste, the bicolor "Dolce Dream," which achieves a balance of size and flavor, and the cooking tomato "Sicilian Rouge," which was previously not well-known in Japan. In addition, we also are developing new varieties and cultivation techniques for asparagus.

The PsEco Analysis Department is engaging in drip irrigation tube, liquid fertilizer, and fertilizer sales. In addition, we also provide analysis services for soil, water, and plant sap. Based on our data analysis, we work closely with each producer to efficiently maximize the quality and yield of crops with tailor-made solutions for each site.

Going forward, we will leverage the accumulated expertise of both departments to propose new value to producers and consumers through variety development and cultivation management.

Our Products

SweetcornBased on the Mirai series, which has been well-received for its high sugar content, refreshing sweetness, and skinless texture, we are developing sweetcorn varieties for subtropical regions such as Southeast Asia.

AsparagusBased on our experiences in the various climates, soil types, and cultivation methods in Japan, spanning from northern Hokkaido to southern Kyushu, we are developing asparagus varieties and cultivation techniques for overseas markets.

Mauro's TomatoesMauro's Tomatoes created a new market for tomatoes in Japan with a focus on flavor. Based on "tomatoes for cooking" and "colorful mini-tomatoes". We are developing new varieties that will create new markets overseas.

PsEco Analytics Platform

PsEco is an online, data-analysis platform that provides practical and personalized guidance.
We aim to be a one stop solution provider by providing data management & analysis, individualized prescriptions, and necessary products for purchase.
Our platform is currently available only within Japan and in Japanese.

Key Mission

Maximize farmers' profits & promote ecological farming practicesWe work closely with farmers to meet their challenges and goals. By applying only the minimally necessary fertilizers and chemicals, we can achieve:

  • High quality & yield
  • Reduction of wasteful costs
  • Environmental conservation
  • Sustainable soil and healthy crop cultivation

The accumulation of analytical data and field data (data management) makes it possible to predict growth, confirm the effects of fertilizer application, and fine-tune prescriptions.

Platform Features

Data Management

1Data Visualization
Visualizing problems using laboratory and on-site data for soil, plant sap, and water analysis.
2Individualized Fertilizer Solutions
Proposal of fertilizer management suited to each site’s needs
3Product Recommendations
Provision of fertilizers and agricultural materials necessary for each site and product development

Analysis Service

Soil Analysis: Base Fertilizer & Application Design
We prioritize the role of soil microorganisms, which are crucial for crop growth, alongside adjusting soil nutrients.
Plant Sap Analysis: Fertilizer/Foliar Spray Design
Each growth stage of a plant requires specific ingredients, and data analysis allows for accurate growth predictions. By confirming the effectiveness of fertilizers, adjustments can be made to prescriptions accordingly.
Water Analysis: Fertilizer/Foliar Spray Design
Optimizing the use of nutrients in water quality is crucial for effective results. Enhancing the impact of pesticides can be achieved by utilizing appropriate materials.

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