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Sanatech Seed President Shimpei Takeshita speaks at World Agri-Tech Conference


Shimpei Takeshita, President and Representative Director of Sanatech Seed Co, recently participated in a panel discussion at the World Agri-Tech Conference.  The session, titled ‘Navigating Commercial Opportunities: High-Value Crops & Ingredients,’ provided insights into the market potential for new crops and ingredients tailored to consumer preferences and industry demands.

Moderated by Jon Entine, Executive Director of the Genetic Literacy Project, Mr. Takeshita’s panel featured esteemed speakers from the genomics industry including Christy Toedebusch, Vice President of Product at Ohalo Genetics; Tom Adams, CEO of Pairwise; and Todd Rands, CEO of Elo Life Systems

During the discussion, Mr. Takeshita emphasized Sanatech Seed Co's commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability and outlined our strategy for achieving commercial success. “With our focus on high-nutrition crops and ingredients, our company is poised to capitalize on emerging market trends and meet growing and evolving consumer demands,” says Takeshita.  “First and foremost, we prioritize creating value for our customers and producers - this is the foundation of our commercial success.”

Mr. Takeshita’s participation in the panel underscores Sanatech Seed Co's commitment to staying at the forefront of agricultural innovation.  Key topics explored during the session included the evolving regulatory framework surrounding agricultural advancements and how it influences market dynamics. Mr. Takeshita shed light on Sanatech Seed Co's approach to navigating changing global regulatory environments while maintaining a focus on sustainable growth and industry leadership.  By leveraging insights gained from forums like the World Agri-Tech Conference, our company aims to continue shaping the future of agriculture and delivering value to stakeholders worldwide.


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