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Sanatech Seed welcomes Thomas Kruse as International Division Manager


Sanatech Seed are proud to announce the appointment of Thomas Kruse as International Division Manager.  He completed his post-graduate studies at The University of Tokyo focused on International Agriculture Development and Public Policy, and his undergraduate studies at Vanderbilt University in the United States.  With extensive expertise ranging from retail, media, AI, agriculture and greentech, Thomas Kruse brings invaluable expertise to lead Sanatech's global expansion efforts.

“I feel excited to work for a company growing highly-nutritious food for customers while providing dignified livelihoods for our contract farmers and producers,” says Kruse.  In his role, Kruse will spearhead overseas business development initiatives to expand production and commercial operations throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Kruse will also drive strategic alliances and partnerships that foster sustainable growth and global impact.

“Thomas Kruse's appointment signifies Sanatech Seed's dedication to fostering innovation and driving expansion in the global marketplace,” says President Shimpei Takeshita. “With his leadership, our international division is well-positioned to create innovative solutions for the challenges facing the agriculture and food industry.”  Sanatech Seed aims to leverage Kruse's leadership to strengthen its presence in international markets by applying success in Japan to expand our high-nutrition food product sales globally.   


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